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  • What is graphene?
    Graphene is a one-atom thick layer of carbon. It’s the building block of Graphite (the same stuff you have in your pencils). This wonder material is stronger than steel (tensile strength), harder than diamond, more conductive than copper and has better electron mobility than silicon. The scientists that discovered Graphene won the Nobel prize of physics on 2010.
  • Why are we launching LIMITLESS in Kickstarter?
    Kickstarter is paramount to our business model, it's where we expand the company by selling our most ambitious product in advance. Instead of raising capital with venture capitalists and having to report to them with financial results as a priority, we prefer to report exclusively to our backers whom 99,99% of the time demand quality products and excellent service. With this, our vision remains un-restricted. This is our 7th Kickstarter and in all previous ones we've manages to deliver in time and quality (not usual in Kickstarter).
  • What's the benefit for Kickstarter buyers?
    You get the best price LIMITLESS will ever be offered at, and you will get it months before anybody else.
  • What is the guarantee for LIMITLESS?
    We offer a lifetime guarantee (as with all our products) for defective or dysfunctional elements. We make sure to put the best of the best in every single detail to make sure this is rarely an issue.
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